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Rolls-Royce SUVs near Ottawa

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Dressing for the job you want is a great first step to achieving your dreams, and when you are ready, the next step is driving for the lifestyle you deserve. Earning the luxury, prestige and sleek style of a Rolls-Royce is not something anyone can do, and only the most successful individuals get to experience that level of opulence.

Iconic in style and an enviable status symbol, the Rolls-Royce backs its name with quality, performance and unparalleled luxury. Highest tiers of technology, innovation and cutting-edge engineering come together to produce this luxury vehicle - a masterpiece worthy of awe.

Made with precision and care that is afforded to no other automobile on the market, models in the Rolls-Royce catalogue are stunning, and we have them all: the Ghost, the Cullinan and the Phantom are available to view at Grand Touring Automobiles (Toronto). Discover your Rolls-Royce SUVs near Ottawa with us.

Luxury Lives Here

We are the only retailer in Canada to house all major British car brands under one roof.

The Latest and Greatest

Our state of the art facility was built in 2018 to bring you the best.

Your Source for Luxury

We are the GTA’s source for luxury automotive events and experiences.

Why Choose Grand Touring Automobiles (Toronto)

Living Up to Your Potential in Rolls-Royce SUVs

In physics, potential is stored energy, and it is time to release your energy and meet your match in the most stylish, most meticulously engineered automobile you will ever experience - the Rolls-Royce SUVs near Ottawa. The gorgeous design and regal, unmistakable design of this exceptional vehicle will make you shine with pride behind the wheel.

Expect The Sweeter Life Now

Living to the fullest - catching every opportunity, rising through every hard-earned success and building the legacy you deserve leaves little time to enjoy your victories. In your Rolls-Royce, each second will be a spectacular reward for all the determination and tenacity you’ve exerted over the years. Enjoy the moment - you have earned it.

The Eye of The Beholder near Ottawa

Expect your eyes to fill with beauty at the aerodynamic and regal exterior, the classic leather interior and the incredible view of yourself driving your stunning Rolls-Royce through the streets of your favourite city. Whether you are gliding over the roads of Vancouver, Toronto, Milan or Berlin, this show-stopping automobile will impress at every location.

Inspire Yourself to Think Big

We are the makers of our own fate, and as those who have realized this potential say “I can”, they do. To drive a Rolls-Royce, you need the spirit of success within you, and you need to know that the most stunning Rolls-Royce SUVs near Ottawa are waiting for you at Grand Touring Automobiles (Toronto).