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2022 Bentley Continental GT

The 2022 Bentley Continental GT is built for luxurious speed; it’s the ideal car for rolling into a five-star hotel after a good day of riding through the sunny countryside. With six different models, divided into three trim levels, each available in a coupé and a convertible build, there are more than enough options to meet the desires of any and all drivers.

Compared Value of Coupés and Convertibles

Prices are usually only available by contacting a dealer and getting a quote. Estimates put the value of these vehicles ranging from $200,000 to $300,000 in the following order of increasing value:

1. Mulliner Coupe
2. V8 Coupe
3. Mulliner Convertible
4. V8 Convertible
5. Speed Coupe
6. Speed Convertible


Evident in the Mulliner model is the classic design that seamlessly incorporates various surface materials to create a stunning interior and a genuinely dashing exterior. Under the hood, a 4.0-litre V8 petrol twin-turbocharged engine propels the car to a max speed of 318 km/h (sweeping past 100km/h in four seconds).

Dropping the top off with the convertible model is the best way to show off the interiors: a harmony of tricolour leather finishes and silver accents, chrome micro-piping, and a combination of digital and analog dials.


While performance specs remain similar to the Mulliner trims, new tech additions come with this build. This model includes a touchscreen that gives you access to navigation maps and entertainment features. A host of “My Bentley” services allow for exclusive security features and certain remote controls.

The convertible has ventilated seats, neck warmers, a heated steering wheel, and the ability to open the roof at 50 km/h.

Adaptive radar cruise control enables effortless driving for long journeys on the highway.


The 6.0-litre twin-turbocharged W12 engine boosts the performance specs into 334 km/h and increases power to 650 bhp.

Tech-side, there’s nothing short of innovation. The HUD feature puts essential data right in the windshield, and the Night Vision and Lane Assist will ensure your safety. Finally, an incorporated massager takes the edge off during long-distance getaways.

Main Takeaways

Like most luxury sports car lines, the 2022 Bentley Continental GT is available in three trim classes in coupé or convertible builds. The artisanal craftsmanship of these sports vehicles is meant to recall the warmth of European leisure summer activities.

Your decision on which model to buy would depend on your budget and tastes. Most people would naturally prefer the prestige that comes with a convertible. Still, a practically-minded driver might also prefer the additional features commonly available with coupé models. Not to mention that the V8 coupé is less costly than the W12 Convertible!

We arrive at a predictable opinion regarding people whose budget allows significant expenses: if you can afford it, you should buy it. The Grand Touring W12 Speed models —and the Convertible, especially— justify their costly expenses. If you prefer the V8 models, consider spending the leftover budget on customization and personalize the design to your taste.

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